About Me

I am Anne. I don’t know what words I should use to describe myself because whatever I put first will sound like it is the most important. So… I am a Minnesotan. I have lived up North with Paul Bunyan and Leif Erickson, and I now live in the South, which is actually just Minneapolis, but after spending a few summers in Duluth, everything else seems like the South. That’s right, I said summers.

For seven years I devoted most of my time to teaching, thankfully I married a teacher so he understood. In our free time we enjoyed giant family get togethers, giant friend extravagantness, and giant pet parties, then we had a baby. He has changed our lives a lot, but one thing has never changed: our love and appreciation of our family and friends.

In celebration of this appreciation I have also started a small business creating video slideshows to capture and honor the fantastic parts of life. I also create personalized film to create new memories, and let children become a star for the day.

I am excited about having a blog and creating a (what do people call it) online life?


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