Sometimes all it takes is a kiss

A few weeks ago my son was getting ornery because of the heat. True Minnesotans (not the kind that move to Kansas City for two years) have trouble with the summer. We wish for it all winter, fantasizing about beaches, tans, bike rides, and cold drinks on the deck. The truth of it is this: when the thermonitor gets over eighty degrees, we start to complain. At just under a year, my son is already of this disposition.

I brought a baby pool out for him, and although the dog went into it happily enough, my son (Max) was more interested in climbing the stairs to our deck. You have never known monotony if you have not followed an 11th month old going up and down the stairs. After a few dozen trips of this, I removed him. He responded by having a temper tantrum. Thankfully our neighbor came over to distract both of us from this ordeal.

While I started to talk to her, he wiggled his little bottom as fast as he could to get to those stairs before I could stop him. When he say me coming, he moved even faster. I knew I was in for another tantrum, until…. well watch the video.

I think we all get caught up in not getting exactly what we want. Babies throw temper tantrums, men curse, and women pout. In the end we usually just need a little compassion. Sometimes all it takes is a kiss.


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