Two is Harder Than One

Two is Harder Than One

Okay, this title just went better with the picture, but my actual Word Gift is this:

It could always be harder

For the last two days I have not been able to find my car keys, and I have been waiting for my husband to notice that my car has not moved in a while. You’d think he’d at least notice that I hadn’t bought anything in two whole days! Finally, after searching everywhere, I called AAA, assuming that I must have locked them in the car.

After not finding my keys in the car, cursing my car alarm, and calling a locksmith, I saw my small son playing in our porch and dropping tiny objects into the mail slot hole that is in between the inside and outside of our house. Low and behold, when I stuck my hand inside, there were my keys.

I thought about how challenging an almost toddler can be, and then I remembered taking care of my sister’s three kids. The youngest is in the picture above with my husband and son. I’m guessing that her days are a little bit harder.


One Reply to “Two is Harder Than One”

  1. I feel as though one could argue that it is more ridiculous that you didn’t tell your husband you lost your keys…as opposed to him not noticing you hadn’t driven recently. Furthermore, I absolutely do not not believe that you didn’t buy anything during those two days as a result of your lack of mobility. Perhaps you thought we would forget about a little thing called the interweb!

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